Let us cover your skylight installation and maintenance needs

Skylights can be a great addition to any home. They bring natural sunlight down into the areas of your home where it may be a bit darker then desired, or merely illuminating your favorite dwelling areas. Not to mention allowing you to save electricity by using your lights less during the day.

While there are several types of skylights available, the two that roofers generally install require a license and permit. The two types are solar tube and solar tunnel.

The solar tube is a rigid tube construction that is installed directly through the roof and can only be placed where the tube will fit between roof trusses. These tubes are usually used for the upper level of a home.

The solar tunnel is not rigid in design. It is comprised of a lined flexible tube than can be bent around objects so it can go places the solar tube can’t.

The flexible solar tunnel is the cheaper option, but it also delivers less light to the room in which it is installed. It is often necessary to install more than one of these units to provide enough light to areas in the lower regions of the home to make it worthwhile. This isn’t the case with the brilliant light delivered by solar tubes.