Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Sonrise Roofing excels at installing new insulation and other energy saving services

Maybe you don’t think much about energy savings when you think about getting your roof done, but you should. Not only is the best time to update your attic insulation during a roofing job, it’s also the best time to put in radiant heat barrier backed plywood sheeting. This new decking material reflects heat from the interior of the home back down into your home instead of letting it escape through the roof. This is a great material to use if you don’t have a traditional attic space.

At Sonrise we keep up with the latest green technologies in the industry. We are experts at cool roof composition, ridge vent installations and AttiCat insulation. We are always on the lookout for new energy saving roofing materials and constantly look at the new Energy Star approved products. Using the right roofing material can effectively reduce the temperature on your roof up to 100 degrees. This can mean between 10-15 percent less air conditioner usage.

We suggest tile roofing for our customers because it offers some of the most energy saving options available. Corrugated tile roofing helps keep roof temperatures down by allowing increased airflow in and around the individual tiles.

If you are serious about saving energy, our team at Sonrise roofing can help you out. Our commitment to a greener lifestyle is evident in everything we do. We can help you pick out the most energy efficient and attractive roof for your home or business and install it with unmatched craftsmanship.