Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Our Bay Area roofing team is always ready to help with quick patches, leak repair, and more

Our Sonrise Roofing technicians are very much experienced in repairing every type of roofing system. We realize that most roof repairs are needed during bad weather – after all you don’t usually know you have a leak until it rains. We are more than willing to come out assess, and repair your roofing issue even in the worst weather.

One of the most common reasons a repair is required on a tile roof is due to debris build-up in valleys, and roof intersections”. These are relatively simple fixes and usually cost somewhere between $200.00 and $400.00. Other issues that typically cause leaking to occur regarding other roof systems are due to penetrations in the material; that can be brought on by natural weathering, nesting by critters of many types, and or an expired sealant. All these repair issues are common and a remedy should only be attempted by a seasoned professional.

We should also mention that although roof repairs will maintain during the harshest weather for seasons to come; They are to be for the most part considered temporary, and are not guaranteed. Most repairs are only meant to withstand until an entire new roof system can be installed. While this at times may be difficult to hear; and we do understand. At Sonrise Roofing we strive to always provide you with honest answers that will leave you better prepared to deal with the problem. We will tell you if your repairs will hold through the winter or if a complete replacement is extremely necessary. Of course providing you with an estimate on the cost of the repair.

Sometimes it’s better to get your roof inspected before you have a leak. Our experts at Sonrise roofing can discuss your roofing options and help you make future decisions. We thank you in advance for considering us.