Gutter Repair & Installation

Gutter Repair & Installation

Most homeowners don’t think about why there are gutters on their homes, they’ve just always been there. Take a moment to think about what would happen if you didn’t have a gutter system to direct water off from your roof. Rain would simply drip off the edge of the roof. The first time you’d notice it would be when you stepped out the front door and had to dodge the waterfall coming down on your front step. After the rain stopped and you took a look at the house you’d find that there would be a trench in the ground directly beneath the roofline from the constant dripping of water. The displaced dirt would splash up against your siding and leave it a mud stained mess.
While these aren’t pleasant thoughts, they also aren’t the reason that gutters were invented. They were invented to redirect water away from the foundation of the home and to prevent water damage to the siding, windows and doors. Without a gutter, water would run down the side of the home and pool up against the foundation of the home and start to wear it away. If you’ve ever had a clogged gutter, you may have seen this type of pooling from where the water overflow came over the side of the trough.




Gutter Cleaning

What would happen if you failed to clear out your gutter and let leaves and other debris pile up? The stopped up gutter would cease to divert the water away from the home and would simply allow it to flow over the edge as if the gutter didn’t exist at all. A proper gutter cleaning requires climbing up on the roof and physically removing any debris from the gutter. It is best to wear heavy work gloves (waterproof if possible) and goggles or other eye protection. This will keep you from cutting your hands on sharp metal edges in the gutter and prevent exposed areas from coming in contact with bacteria laden gunk from decaying organic materials in the drain line.
The best times to do a thorough gutter cleaning are during the fall season when leaves pile up in the gutter and during the spring after the last frost to clear out debris that accumulated during the winter.

installing a gutter cover system on a residential roofi in Newark CATo make gutter cleaning easier we suggest purchasing a gutter cover system. These systems filter out debris with a mesh or hard shell cover while still allowing water to flow through. This allows the gutters to maintain their functionality while preventing them from getting clogged.

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